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Products and Services

Products and Services


Asiatech offers a range of high-speed Internet services, including ADSL2+, Optical Fiber Internet (FTTH), LTE Internet, Wireless Internet, VDSL Internet, and Public Wi-Fi. These services cater to various user needs, from home and business users to professionals like gamers and streamers.


High-Speed ADSL2+ Internet

ADSL2+ Internet from Asiatech is a high-speed Internet solution that uses telephone lines to provide uninterrupted Internet access. It is available across all 31 provinces of the country and boasts high customer satisfaction due to its quality and speed. The technology utilizes the unused bandwidth within telephone wires, enabling faster data transfer speeds and a wider range than regular ADSL.



Asiatech Optical Fiber Internet (AsiaFiber)

Optical Fiber Internet, or AsiaFiber, is a high-speed data transmission service that operates without traditional telephone lines. It uses fiber optics and a dedicated modem for high-speed Internet access, with a minimum speed of 100 megabits per second. This service is provided through a dedicated infrastructure for optimal customer experience.

Holding online meetings and video calls with the best image quality and clarity Playing online games with minimal ping and latency Watching online movies and series with the highest quality and no interruption Downloading large files in the shortest possible time No need for a landline telephone


High-Speed LTE Internet

LTE Internet is a fixed TD-LTE 4G and 4.5G broadband Internet service that offers higher speeds and eliminates the need for a landline. It is suitable for a variety of activities, including video streaming, large file transfers, online gaming, and social media use.




"Asiatech Wireless Internet" (OWA)

Wireless Internet (OWA) is designed for professional users who require high-speed Internet in areas where traditional telephone lines are not feasible or where the distance to telecommunication centers is too great. This service is suitable for gamers and streamers, offering high upload and download speeds.

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Features of Asiatech Wireless Service:

  • More cost-effective compared to dedicated broadband services
  • Speeds up to 50 Mbps with reliable service
  • High upload speeds suitable for professional users
  • No dependency on landlines and telecommunications infrastructure
  • Diverse internet packages tailored to subscriber needs
  • 24/7 customer support on all days of the year



High-Speed VDSL Internet

VDSL Internet from Asiatech is a new method of accessing high-speed Internet, offering speeds of up to 80 megabits per second, which is significantly faster than ADSL2+. It also provides higher upload speeds for large content transmission.





Public Wifi

Public Wi-Fi allows users to access the Internet in public places without additional devices or software, requiring only Wi-Fi-enabled devices. Users can choose from free or paid options for data usage.




Home Landline Phone (Asiatel) 

Asiatech also provides home landline services using VoIP, allowing users to make calls over the Internet. This service offers advantages such as scalability, permanent ownership, easy portability, and cost reduction. It requires connection to one of Asiatech's communication services for purchase and activation.

These services are part of Asiatech's commitment to providing high-quality Internet solutions that meet the needs of a wide range of users and industries.

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