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Enterprise solutions


Dedicated Bandwidth by Asiatech

Asiatech's Dedicated Bandwidth (Organizational Internet) offers high-speed, high-capacity Internet access for organizations, companies, universities, and other operators through radio and fiber-optic infrastructure. This service is distinct from shared Internet, providing exceptionally high download and upload speeds. With the most Points of Presence (PoPs) among Internet service providers and utilizing Asiatech's comprehensive IP-MPLS communication networks, Asiatech ensures extensive coverage in Tehran and other cities across the country.

The primary advantage of Asiatech's Dedicated Bandwidth service is the acquisition of the highest capacity bandwidth from the Telecommunications Infrastructure Company, spanning over 17 international routes, and the largest in-country Content Data Center bandwidth. Consequently, the quality and total cost of Asiatech's Dedicated Bandwidth are highly competitive and advantageous compared to other market competitors.

Advantages of Asiatech's Dedicated Bandwidth include:

•    No speed or volume limitations
•    Highest coverage across the country
•    Service stability and SLA provision
•    24/7 support
•    Up-to-date and advanced hardware equipment
•    Bandwidth supply from multiple routes and platforms

Steps to Obtain Dedicated Bandwidth Service:

•    Contact Asiatech or complete the free consultation form.
•    Conduct a free feasibility study to ensure service quality.
•    Receive the delivery timeline and service presentation.
•    Installation and service setup.
•    Support and monitoring through the network operations center.



Asiatech's Virtual Private Network 

Asiatech's L3VPN allows for seamless connection of the central offices of various organizations and companies in a unified and secure manner. This independent network, separate from the Internet, facilitates rapid connections to customer-specified points. By utilizing this solution, organizations, companies, agencies, and businesses with distributed branches can connect their scattered offices nationwide through various technological infrastructures to the central office and each other. Asiatech's VPN is independent of the global Internet and ensures completely secure traffic transfer for each customer.

Advantages of Asiatech's Virtual Private Network:
•    Completely isolated from the Internet and other networks
•    Highly secure and stable network
•    Nationwide coverage
•    Ability to provide services on various platforms
•    24/7 support


Organization's Landline Telephone (Asiatel) 

VoIP is a comprehensive communication solution provided by Asiatel, which is based on Asiatech's secure infrastructure and SIP Trunk technology. Asiatel enables users to conduct all their telephone communications over the Internet using the VoIP protocol, allowing calls to any telephone number in Iran and internationally. With Asiatel's Internet-based telephone service, organizations can significantly reduce their communication expenses and benefit from features such as scalability, permanent ownership, easy mobility, and integration of all communication tools.

Advantages of Asiatel:

•    Overcoming limitations of traditional telecommunication centers in providing telephone lines
•    Permanent ownership and the ability to transfer the line without changing the number
•    Cost-effective rates for various off-network calls
•    Free on-network calls between Asiatel subscribers
•    Ability to make calls using the mobile app
•    Features such as conference calling, call return, and call forwarding
•    24/7 customer support, seven days a week



AsiaTech's Toll-Free phone lines

Expansion for any business is a goal, achievement, and capital, and one of the components for its realization is the use of innovative technologies. While it may seem that small businesses can communicate with their customers using a regular VoIP phone, if their outlook includes future development, it is essential to consider more than just meeting needs—meaning to ensure customer satisfaction. Using Toll-Free phone lines is an effective solution for this.

Toll-Free lines offer customers the opportunity to contact organizations and businesses free of charge. This means that customers do not incur any costs for the call, and the business covers the call expenses. These lines are provided with a unique and memorable 9000 area code and can play a crucial role in enhancing advertising effectiveness, building customer credibility and trust, branding the organization's number, and providing professional support. Additionally, AsiaTech enables the sending of bulk SMS on these toll-free lines, resulting in the integration of all communication channels between organizations and their customers.


Smart Phone Lines by AsiaTech

A smart number is a pathway to entrepreneurship and freelancing, enabling the owner of the number to offer consulting services in their area of expertise over the phone and earn income. Professionals in fields such as medicine, law, technology, education, repair, family services, and more can generate income using these lines. The cost of calling smart lines, also known as consultation phone lines, is calculated per minute, with a set charge per minute determined by the type of service and the agreement with the recipient of the call. AsiaTech, the provider of comprehensive communication solutions, offers these lines with the 9090 area code, without a provincial code.

SMS Services

Communicating with customers and advertising is a crucial aspect of business operations, and one of the most cost-effective and efficient methods is through SMS messaging. Asiatech's bulk SMS service is tailored for messaging system providers, large organizations, banks, and more. With this service, applicants connect to the Asiatech messaging system and send bulk SMS messages to subscribers across all mobile operators. This service is accessible to applicants via the random toll-free number 9000.


Asiatech Dedicated Server

Asiatech's dedicated server is a specialized solution designed for organizations and content providers, offering the highest speed and security tailored to the specific needs of businesses. This service is exclusively for a single user, with resources that are entirely dedicated and not shared, which not only ensures high security but also significantly increases hosting speed. Asiatech's dedicated servers allow organizations to establish and launch a dedicated data center at an economical cost, providing the necessary facilities and infrastructure for the maintenance, setup, and connection of servers and equipment to high-speed Internet.

Asiatech also provides the highest level of services in the data center field, offering customers the ability to receive an instant dedicated server online in just six steps. Customers receive their server control panel immediately after purchase and can benefit from the advantages of Asiatech's high-speed and quality servers.

Advantages of Asiatech Dedicated Servers:

•    Located in the most equipped and largest data center in the country, situated in the most reputable telecommunications tower (Milad Tower in Tehran).
•    Customization and instant delivery with only 6 clicks, tailored to the needs of customers.
•    Continuous and uninterrupted power supply with dual separate power sources.
•    Intelligent fire prevention system and fire control.
•    Designed in accordance with the latest global technologies, including a ventilation system and continuous control of temperature and environmental conditions.
•    Information security ensured through the use of advanced and up-to-date security systems.
•    24/7 seamless support and continuous monitoring in service layers and facilities.
•    Utilization of the highest bandwidth consumption in the country and establishing highly capacity communication with high reliability.

Data Center Hosting

Server hosting services, also known as Data Center Space Rental, offer a secure and standardized solution for companies and organizations that require a dedicated space for storing their servers. By placing their servers and equipment in Asiatech's data center, these companies can take advantage of the benefits of a standard data center, which includes advanced security features, high-speed bandwidth, air conditioning, humidity control, dedicated server hosting spaces, fire detection and extinguishing systems, emergency power supply systems, and more. Asiatech's data center is the most high-capacity and largest content data center in the country, offering top-notch services in hosting and dedicated server hosting within its facilities.

Advantages of Asiatech Data Center Services:

•    Intelligent prevention systems and fire control
•    Allocation of equipped, fully dedicated, and separate space for each customer
•    Continuous and uninterrupted power supply with the use of a backup power system
•    Provision of environmental standards in line with the latest global technologies
•    Possibility to choose the data center location based on needs and budget
•    Electromagnetic shield for non-active defense needs
•    Benefit from DDoS Protection and DDoS Mitigation services
•    Highest country bandwidth consumption and high-speed communication
•    Ensuring information security using the latest security software
•    Continuous monitoring system and uninterrupted 24/7 support

This service is suitable for:

•    Online businesses
•    Universities and educational platforms
•    Banks, insurance companies, and financial institutions
•    News agencies and media outlets
•    Content providers
•    Ministries and government organizations



Data Center Design and Consultancy by Asiatech 

A data center is a critical component of an organization's success, as it houses valuable information and data assets. With years of experience in consulting, designing, setting up, and managing the country's largest data centers, Asiatech is well-equipped to provide comprehensive data center services. These services include design, construction, and management of data centers, utilizing the latest technologies and a team of expert and experienced personnel.

All types of data center design, consulting, and construction services are provided, including:

•    Providing the required implementation plans
•    Design and implementation of data center monitoring, control, and command networks
•    Providing implementation instructions, testing, delivery, operation, and support
•    Full monitoring and implementation of data center infrastructure
•    Modifying the old architecture of data centers to a new architecture
•    NOC Network Operations Center and Data Center Management
•    Securing data centers at all levels
•    Consulting in the field of choosing the required equipment and estimating the price of the equipment and budget required for the project
•    Consulting in the field of checking the current state of the network with the aim of increasing the standard level
•    Consulting to optimize server rooms and data centers to reach a higher level of access or increase energy efficiency.